In keeping with Donald Trump's campaign pledges, the United States' draft budget is a major focus of the defense. And to compensate for the Pentagon's spending, the president is planning for cuts everywhere. U.S President Donald Trump promised on Monday (February 27th) a "historic increase" in the defense budget in the next federal budget. "This budget respects my promise to protect the Americans," he told reporters at a meeting with governors in the White House.

An increase of nine percent

According to a White House official, he wants to increase Military Spending by $54 billion, or about 9%.

The new president, on the other hand, wants to reduce foreign aid in his draft budget. Anything that does not come out of the Pentagon will have to provide savings of $54 billion. "We will do more with less, the government will be more modest and will be held accountable," said Trump.

The world's largest military budget

Barack Obama's successor also intends to devote more resources to the development of infrastructure in the United States, also in accordance with its commitments. He will present his plan Tuesday before Congress.

Although the United States has the largest military budget in the world, by far (about 3.3 percent of the gross domestic product), U.S military personnel regularly report a certain amount of are entrusted to them. In early February, military leaders described to the Congress an American army which was weakened by many years of inadequate budgetary resources and more than two decades of conflict.

The impact of the proposed budget

U.S spending on the subject is nearly three times higher than China's, the world's second largest military power, and more than eight times that of Russia, according to figures from the Swedish reference institute Sipri. No reports have emerged yet on what impact the proposed budget will have on the deficit or long-term debt, problems the Republican Party insisted would bring about the end of civilization during the Obama administration.