Predictit is a remarkable venture that is housed in an academic institution in Canada. It is a gambling sort of thing. Its comment sections serve an almost Shakespearean function of providing great commentary on forthcoming big events. The sample here is from the discussion of a Trump-decreed vote in the House on the health care law that is meant to replace Obamacare. To allay any suspense, the verdict of PredictIt users is now that Trump's bill will fail. The comments are the priceless part of this unless you are a serious nerd gambler, in which case you may be able to translate your smarts into cash.

The gossip

Autismo Jones tells us, "Breitbart throws Paul Ryan under the bus and the day has not yet begun !!!" This intelligence is followed by an image of a Breitbart article in which Steve Bannon is reported as saying the Trumpcare legislation in the House was actually written by the insurance companies and panning the whole thing. This is of course "private" via Breitbart which Bannon used to run.

There follows the hearsay that Mark Sanford has switched from "Yes" to "No."

The PredictIt tally

The deal is that you buy and trade shares and at the end, the winner goes to a dollar and the loser to zero.

Presumably the veracity of PredictIt is what this is all about. The operators say their purpose is to learn about our behavior. Just to be clear, the Yes means that the bill will pass. Trump told the balky GOP that if his bill failed in the House, we would keep Obamacare. Based on Trump's consistent truth record, who knows?

But his statement was a not-so-veiled threat to the GOP to consider how it will look for a majority party to end up with a bill it has vetoed seven times.

Back to Autismo Jones

You will need to visit the comments to get the general flavor of PredictIt. The last word here will be from the author of the first word, Autismo Jones, who says: "Trump should get the guy who wrote 'Art of The Deal' to negotiate for him." Meanwhile, the comments flood in as we speak.