The “X-Men” star, Patrick Stewart is applying for US citizenship and wants to fight Donald Trump. During his interview with “The View” on Thursday, Stewart said that he is applying for US citizenship and wants to bring political change in America. Stewart was promoting his new movie “Logan,” another offering from the “X-Men” franchise.

Not being a citizen Patrick Stewart feels powerless to effect change

Patrick Stewart stated that he is not an American and that is the only good thing, especially after this last election. But, he expressed his desire to become a citizen.

He said in his interview that he has lots of friends in Washington and they have encouraged him to apply for US citizenship. Stewart added that his friends in Washington told him that the only thing he can do is to fight and oppose as much as possible.

Stewart was asked to comment on a tweet he posted some days back. In the tweet, Stewart mentioned that he had stayed overnight in Washington recently and he could not sleep. He stated that it was the worst night's sleep he’d had for many years. Stewart added sarcastically that he probably could not sleep because he was not even 300 yards from where Donald Trump was sleeping.

Stewart brainstorming with friends over political issues

Patrick Stewart also told “The View” that he went to Washington with his wife to meet some of his friends and also discuss what they could do about Donald Trump.

He said that they had three separate dinners to discuss the issue of the President. He also added that he posted the tweet after having his third dinner meeting.

Stewart said that he did not directly insult the President. To this statement, one of the hosts, Whoopi Goldberg replied that Trump wasn’t her president and she was supported by thunderous applause.

Stewart then continued, saying that the President was not his either, as Stewart is a British citizen. He has also said in a post last May that Trump could not be taken seriously because of his antics.

Stewart lives in Brooklyn with his wife, singer Sunny Ozell

Patrick Stewart had been living with Sunny Ozell since 2012 and the couple got married in 2013. The 76-year old actor took a dig at Trump last March when he posted a picture of a man with a sign board that threatened to vote for Donald Trump if he wasn’t given a dollar.