President Trump's immigration policies have inspired one California state senator to demand the release of citizen documents pertaining to First Lady Melania Trump. According to, State Senator Nancy Skinner of Berkeley issued the demand at the state capitol last week to protest President Trump's order limiting federal funding to so-called "sanctuary cities." "No one in the Trump operation has released any of the documentation to indicate what was the circumstance, or whether she had full legal status,’’ Skinner told Politico in an interview earlier this week.

Skinner pointed out that, last August, Donald Trump had promised that Melania-- who was born in Slovenia-- would hold a press conference to address the issue, but the press conference never took place.

GOP accuses Skinner of hitting below the belt

While Skinner's demand was applauded by some California legislators, such as Senate Pro Tem Kevin de Leon and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, others have accused the Berkeley legislator of sexism and harassment. Harmeet Dhillon of the Republican National Committee, called Skinner's demand "a cheap trolling tactic" that is beneath the dignity of an elected official. Sue Caro, the chair of the Alameda County Republican Party, referred to Skinner's demand as "a crap grandstanding posture."

Melania worked illegally for seven weeks

Skinner's crusade against the First Lady stems from an Associated Press investigation from last November, which concluded that Melania Trump did not have the proper work visas during her career as a fashion model after coming to the United States from her homeland of Slovenia.

According to the AP investigation, Melania was paid for ten modeling jobs over a seven week period before she had legal permission to work in the U.S. David Leopold, an immigration attorney, told Politico that because of the AP story Melania Trump is "fair game." "It’s only appropriate they make his wife’s file public, so we know that his family also complied with immigration rules," said Leopold.