Over the last week and a half, the story that has dominated the news cycle has been Donald Trump and his allegations that former President Barack Obama wiretapped his office inside Trump Tower. With the White House still refusing to release evidence to back up the claim, one host on MSNBC has had enough.

MSNBC on Trump

Ever since his upset election win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, the pressure has counted to mount on Donald Trump in regards to the scandal linking his administration to the Russian government. Days after the Washington Post broke the bombshell story revealing that current Attorney General Jeff Sessions had been in contact with the ambassador to Russia during the election, the former host of "The Apprentice" scrambled to change the narrative.

Taking to his Twitter account, Trump pushed the aforementioned wiretapping conspiracy, but has since refused to issue any further comment. After the Department of Justice asked Congress for more time to find proof, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski decided to give her thoughts during the March 14 edition of "Morning Joe."

The House Intelligence Committee had requested evidence of Donald Trump's wiretapping claim, and gave a deadline of Monday. However, the White House pushed for an extension via the Justice Department, and Mika Brzezinski is now calling out the president. "If the president was lying, don't you think at some point he ought to say, 'I apologize, I am just an idiot,'" Brzezinski said, before adding that Trump might also want to say of himself, "I will not do that again, because it was idiotic."

"Were you lying, Mr.

President?," Mika Brzezinski went on to ask. "Did you make it up? Was it some little spurt of activity that you had out of need to have action?" she continued. The MSNBC host referred to Trump's claim as a "very serious allegation," while also ripping into White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for defending the "ridiculious" allegation.

Moving forward

As of press time, no evidence has been released by the White House to validate the allegations made by Donald Trump. Since the claim was first made, Barack Obama released a statement denying any wrongdoing, and only time will tell how the situation concludes.