The incident happened on the Northwest Side of Chicago on Monday morning at around 6:20 a.m., when an ICE agent was attempting to serve an arrest warrant at home in West Grand Avenue. The agent reportedly shot a 53-year-old man, while trying to arrest someone else. According to an attorney acting for the wounded man, he was shot “without cause.” Thomas Hallock said he is still gathering details about what happened in the house in the Belmont Central neighborhood and that he is not sure if there was some kind of mistake.

Hallock added that the shooting incident was “pretty bizarre.”

The ICE agent claims Chicago man pointed a gun at him

According to Immigration and Customs, Enforcers agents arrived at the home that morning to serve an arrest warrant on somebody other than the shooting victim. Their statement said the 53-year-old had pointed a gun at the agents and one of them opened fire, hitting the man in his left arm. The injured man was reportedly taken to Stroger Hospital in a critical condition.

According to Hallock, he visited the man in the hospital, who told him the first thing he heard was a pounding at his front door. The man said when he opened the door, the agents shot him, without any cause. Hallock said there were around seven to eight people in the home at the time of the Shooting and he was unaware of who was the target of the arrest warrant.

In fact, Hallock said he didn’t know if they had a warrant, but the agents had made a forced entry into the home.

Chicago Police say none of their officers were at the scene at the time and they have no knowledge of who the federal agents were there to arrest, or the reason for that detention. According to a report by the Washington Post, it is not clear whether officials were there to arrest someone relating to their immigration status.

That report stated that ICE would not say whether the arrest was immigration related, but did suggest it could be on a different basis, as their statement said agents with the Homeland Security arm, which covers a broader mandate, were attempting to make the arrest when a second man pointed a gun at their officers.

The arrest warrant may have been for the man’s son

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Hallock later said that the 23-year-old son of the wounded man was among several people removed from the house and briefly detained at the Grand Central District Station in Chicago. According to Hallock, who is also representing the son, he was later released. Chicago Police reportedly said the son is currently fighting felony gun possession charges and is set to appear in court on Wednesday.

No further details were available from ICE, who said the Office of Professional Responsibility is reviewing the incident.

In the statement, ICE said that due to its ongoing nature, they would not reveal further details at this time.

Chicago man unofficially named as Felix Torres

Raw Story names the man who was shot by the ICE agent as Felix Torres. Reportedly Torres' daughter Carmen said no one in the family living in the Chicago home was undocumented, and they have lived there for around 30 years. Carmen Torres also said it was a "lie" that her father had been pointing a gun at the agents, as he doesn't own a gun, adding they shot him and she doesn't know why.