The irony of an image of 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seated on an airplane reading a Usa Today story about Vice President Mike Pence's use of a private email server has caused it to trend on the internet.

Supporters of President Donald Trump regularly chanted "lock her up" over Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state. On Thursday, it was first reported that, while serving as Indiana governor, Pence had used a private America Online account to discuss "sensitive matters and homeland security issues." The account was reported by CNN to have been hacked last summer.

Mike Pence was critical of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server through Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. At a Colorado campaign rally, shortly before the election, Pence stated that "no one is above the law" and that Hillary Clinton's actions were "threatening U.S. national security." It is said to be "unclear" exactly how routinely Mike Pence used his private AOL account.

Clinton, Pence email situations remarkably similar

Reuters reports that Clinton was traveling to New York City from Boston when another passenger snapped the photograph, presumably with a cell phone, of the former first lady reading the newspaper. Mike Pence has defended his use of private AOL email, saying that he "complied with Indiana laws."

Emails released on Thursday, with the revelations, show that the vice president used his private email account to discuss the resettlement of refugees from Syria; to converse with John Hill, then-homeland security adviser, about vandalism of churches; and a request for help promoting an opinion piece by former U.S.

Senator Dan Coats, with regard to banning Syrian refugees from Indiana.

Private Pence emails exposed by hack, freedom of information request

In another batch of emails, said to have been accessed by CNN through an freedom of information request, John Hill was said to have made Pence aware of an "FBI terror assessment." It appears that the first batch of emails, released by The Indianapolis Star, were leaked as a result of the hack into the vice president's email account, last summer, while also exposing the fact that Pence was using a private email server to the public, in the first place.