The third shift of the Lansing Delta Township Plant will be eliminated in May, leaving approximately 1,100 affected by the GM layoffs. According to the GM spokeswoman, Erin Davis, the plant is planning to phase out of production for the previous generation GMC Acadia in May, thus axing the need for a third shift.

The Delta Township Plant has also produced previous versions of the Buick Enclave and Chevy Traverse, and it will continue to produce the newer versions at some point this year. The employees were given their 60-day notice yesterday morning.

The plant has employed over 3,000 hourly workers. The third shift will officially come to an end in May, and second shift will resume sometime in June in preparation for the next generation of Enclaves and Traverses.

The decision to move to Springhill

Last year, the General Motors announced that the new Acadia would be produced at the Springhill plant. Today, production has already begun on the new generation of GMC Acadia, but it has been a hard adjustment for workers and surrounding businesses in Lansing as so many are preparing to be without a job.

What’s next for Delta Township plant employees

The President of UAW, Bill Reed, believes that there will be a third shift that will return as the need for a new car and product arises.

He hopes to see jobs restored if that happens. Reed and other members of the UAW have been working with management of General Motors around Michigan to keep jobs in the mid-Michigan area. According to the Detroit Free Press, GM has already cut the third shift for the Lansing Grand River Assembly back in January as the amount of car sales decreased and there was an increase in truck and SUV sales.

GM has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into equipment for the Lansing Grand River Plant. While workers just got an official notice about GM layoffs earlier this week, many already knew what was coming down the line. Reed said that the union has been pushing for a third product to replace the Acadia. So people who have lost their jobs may be able to return.

Lansing’s Mayor Virg Bernero has sent his condolences to employees and their families who lost their jobs during the GM layoffs.