On Wednesday, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes made headlines after he announced that the Donald Trump transition team may have been "incidentally" surveilled during the election. At this point, the president said he felt "vindicated," but there's more to the story than meets the eye.

Trump debunked

Earlier this month, Donald Trump attempted to deflect the news coverage away from the growing scandal of Russian interference and onto a baseless conspiracy. The former host of "The Apprentice" claimed that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower in New York City and spied on him during the election.

Trump has not provided any proof to back up his claim, and the FBI and Department of Justice have all shot down the allegation. However, Trump met with Devin Nunes on Wednesday morning and was told that his transition team may have been the victim of incidental surveillance, with the House Intelligence Chairman sharing information with the president that was gathered by the committee. Trump told reporters he felt like he was "vindicated" by the news, but as seen during a March 23 segment on Fox News, that shouldn't be the case.

(Smith's comments start at 5:30 in the above video.)

Fox News host Shepard Smith, who's been critical of the president in recent weeks, unloaded on Donald Trump in an attempt to clarify Devin Nunes' remarks.

"The president now claims he was right about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower because of what the House Intelligence Committee chairman said yesterday," Smith pointed out, before noting, "that’s not what the chairman said yesterday."

Shepard Smith hit Donald Trump for continuing to push his "unfounded claim" of wiretapping against Barack Obama, but explained that "The problem is, that chairman still says the allegations of wiretapping are false." Smith went on to note that FBI and DOJ have all come out against his conspiracy, despite the billionaire real estate mogul insisting he was correct.

Credibility trouble

Later on in the segment, the Fox News host ripped into Donald Trump for his recent interview with TIME Magazine where he said he wasn't worried about his credibility, despite the Washington Post finding the president making 14 false statement during that interview alone.

Shepard Smith continued to expose the president for his habit of pushing what Kellyanne Conway calls "alternative facts." While even some at Fox News are starting to turn against Trump, it doesn't look like the president is going to back down from his agenda anytime soon.