If there's one thing that Republicans can unite behind it's the message of cutting government regulation out of business. Sticking with the theme, Donald Trump pushed the message during his Twitter tirade on Monday.

Trump on Twitter

In the world of American politics, the consensus is that Democrats tend to side with workers, while Republicans stand by the owners of businesses and corporations. With that, conservatives often push back against nearly all government regulation as they promote the theory of free-market capitalism with as little interference from Washington politicians as possible.

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump touted his history as a successful business man, and vowed to remove as much government regulations as possible to help ease the tension on business owners, both large and small. This rhetoric was enough to win over swing states like Ohio and Michigan, while turning a blue state like Pennsylvania into a red one. After just two months in office, the former host of "The Apprentice" is already slashing regulations, which he continued to speak about during a March 27 post on Twitter.

Taking to the official POTUS Twitter account on Monday afternoon, Donald Trump once again tackled the issue of regulation.

"Today I'm signing 4 bills under the Congressional Review Act that cancels regulations & eliminates unnecessary, job-killing rules," Trump tweeted, while using the hashtag "#MAGA." Accompanied with the Tweet was a meme that showed how often he has slash those regulations since taking office.

Not stopping there, Donald Trump sent out a follow-up tweet to inform the American people that he has no intention on slowing down over the issue at hand.

"I'll keep working with Congress, agencies, and the American people until we eliminate every unnecessary, job-killing regulation we can find!" he wrote.

Moving forward

While Donald Trump is doing his best to role back questionable regulations in favor of business over workers, the White House has other issues to worry about. Over the last week, Trump has been forced to deal with the backlash over his failed health care bill, as well as the growing scandal involving Russian interference in the election.