Selecting Jeff Sessions as Attorney General for The Department of Justice (DOJ) was considered by Democrats to be a controversial decision, which presented a very real dilemma for those who felt he would follow through and enable all of Trump's controversial policies. Now, its been reported that on Friday Jeff Sessions abruptly fired 46 prosecutors from the DOJ who were leftover from the former Obama administration, who Trump has once again turned into his adversary.

DOJ firings influenced by Trump allies

In an article published by The New York Times titled: "Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors To Resign"; DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores confirmed the firings in an email she sent to the paper saying that the removal of those under a previous administration was standard with every transition and therefore, not out of the ordinary.

But the Times also says that the firings were abrupt rather than expected, which is the kind of "negative" reporting that has made the President target the media outlet and others as an "enemy of the American people."

As opposed to Fox News; the Times are viewed as being against the President's agenda. But they also remind us that the DOJ firings come after weeks of Trump allies like conservative Fox News commentator Sean Hannity calling for him to purge the government of "deep state saboteurs." On March 5, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) took to Twitter to also call for Donald Trump to "purge Leftists from the executive branch," which the DOJ is under.

AG Sessions who heads the Justice Department was loyal enough a Trump ally to recuse himself from an investigation into Donald Trump's connections with Russia, last week.

Sean Hannity, Fox News deciding factor on leaks

With the recent firings is the fact that President Trump has been frustrated over government leaks that portray a negative view of his agenda.

This goes in line with what King and Hannity called for, which is also in line with what most Republicans agree with which are that leaks are the actual problem. But on Tuesday, Wikileaks released information about hacking tools the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) use to get into consumer electronics, which forced the administration to form their decision on how they should view leaks.

Business Insider reported on conservative commentators spreading the conspiracy theory that the CIA was behind the Russian hacks of the DNC last year, an hour after Wikileaks first tweeted about releasing CIA documents. By Wednesday, Sean Hannity was already floating the idea on Fox News that had already been forming through conservative media circles by Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. Rather than stick to the reports of Russian hacking which even Fox News covered, he leaned on the idea that the CIA hacked the DNC and made it look as if Russia did. What has disappeared in the process is with Sean Hannity siding with which leaks are either good or bad. The article documents the exchange between Sean Hannity and former NSA officials.

DOJ Coup d'état?

Hannity is also a staunch supporter of the President and just as combative against the opposition as the administration which Sean is clearly very influential on. An administration that makes no qualms of repeating conspiracy theories or even creating their own. More specifically, however, the Times article about the firings states that the notice to DOJ prosecutors appropriately came from Jeff Sessions. Overall, the firings can be seen as a purge or part of the rollback of much of President Obama's executive orders, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and a drastic change of priorities for the DOJ. The firings also pose a problem for any investigation against the administration as the DOJ falls more in line with calls from aggressive conservatives who are loyal to the President, which leaves room for replacements who are ideologically in line with Sean and a right-wing agenda which creates a line of defense for Donald against the opposition.