This isn’t the first for President Donald trump, really. In fact, one might think he should be immune to name-calling by now. Bernie Sanders called him “delusional” and a “pathological liar” before, and renowned scientist Stephen Hawking thinks Trump is a “demagogue.” The list goes on and on, and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra is one of them.

Chopra took to Twitter Monday to express his concerns about Trump’s mental health. He directed his tweet to the president, asking about the workings of his brain. Albeit shocking, he did ask Trump politely, which prompted different kinds of responses from users – some are mad, obviously.

Others laughed it off, and the rest gave it a green light, agreeing with Chopra's suggestion.

Chopra: Trump is ‘emotionally retarded’

It should be remembered that Chopra previously questioned Trump’s mental state. In an interview last year with Fox News, he called the president “belligerent.” Back then, he voiced his fears about what would happen to the U.S. if Trump became president. Now that he’s in position though, Chopra apparently is still doubtful, as he believes that the POTUS is a representation of bigotry, racism, and “the one who represents the emotional retardation of a three-year-old.”

Trump’s physician: ‘nothing’s wrong with him’

The American Psychiatric Association vehemently discourages assumptions regarding the mental health of public figures, but Chopra isn’t exactly alone in this discussion.

After Trump’s win, a public manifesto from Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism appeared online encouraging therapists to speak out against the POTUS.

Last month, a signed letter from mental health professionals was forwarded to The NY Times arguing Trump’s mental state. The letter indicated that his actions and speech exhibit an incapability of tolerating opposing views, which leads to rage reactions, making Trump unfit for the position.

Trump’s personal physician Harold Bornstein thinks otherwise, though, saying the president is well. “There’s nothing seriously wrong with him,” he said in a December interview. The Donald is fine despite the few extra pounds," he added.