The Independent is reporting that a representative of former U.S. President Barack Obama has denied allegations that the former president executed a plan to wiretap the offices of President Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign. The wiretap tweet series was posted to the social network earlier today. Kevin Lewis stated that anyone claiming that Barack Obama "ordered surveillance on any US citizen" was mistaken.

In the Trump wiretap tweets, the president asked if it is legal for a "sitting President to be 'wire tapping' a race for president prior to an election?" and "How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones?" The Independent claims that President Trump and his administration have offered no proof, as of yet, with regard to the allegations.

Obama denies Trump wiretap claims

A former adviser to the Obama administration, Ben Rhodes, was quoted by another Independent article stating to Trump on Twitter that "no president can order a wiretap," and that restrictions on the presidency have been enacted to "protect citizens from people like you." U.S. Representative Ted Lieu from California, noted that if Trump Tower wiretaps have indeed been conducted that a federal judge has likely signed a warrant, meaning that the president is in "deep s***." Rumors continue to swirl with regard to connections between the president, his advisers, and the Russian government.

After noting all the connections between Trump advisers and the Russian government, including conversations between Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and others, and representatives of the Russian government, as well as the $500 billion oil deal currently on hold as a result of oil sanctions slapped on Russia by the Obama administration in response to its annexation of Ukrainian Crimea, Cenk Uygur, host and co-founder of the The Young Turks stated "He did a business deal with Russia."

Cenk Uygur on Trump-Russian deal

Uygur described a scenario where President Trump personally receives payments, in return for Russia helping Trump win the election, and him eventually lifting sanctions and allowing the $500 billion deal to go through.

He emphasized that, currently, no concrete evidence of a Trump-Russia deal exists. The TYT host offered the opinion that most people would find such a theory implausible, because of the level of stupidity associated with such a plan, and that "of course" federal officials would eventually learn the truth.

"The greed is endless, and it's all about the money," Cenk Uygur stated.

He went on to offer the opinion that most observers are underestimating how "stupid" Donald Trump actually is. He held up Trump's lack of business acumen, and described how his "daddy left him $200 million." Uygur called Donald Trump's stupidity "record breaking" and cited a belief that the president might actually believe that he could get away with such a plan.