What started as a local story went global when the Abbato family in Aurora, Colorado had to fight to get back their pet from Aurora animal control. Capone managed to escape the Abbato’s yard in February this year and was picked up by the animal shelter, who classified the dog as being part wolf. The shelter reportedly based this on Capone’s behavior, physical characteristics, and mannerisms.

Officials with the dog shelter refused to give the dog back to his family and Capone has been held in the shelter for close on five weeks. On top of potentially losing their pet, however, the Abbatos were also facing violations for keeping an aggressive, wild animal and letting that animal run loose.

The Abbatos have been fighting the case ever since.

Capone originally classified as a German Shepherd mix

It was ten years ago that the family adopted the dog from the Adams County Animal Shelter and officials at that shelter classified Capone as a German Shepherd mix. Reportedly the Abbatos’ veterinarian said exactly the same thing. After having DNA tests run on their pet, the family finally has some good news. Capone’s DNA proves that, according to Tracy Abbato, he has not an “ounce of wolf” in him. As reported by Fox 31 Denver, Tracy said the family knew from the start that Capone was not a wolf-hybrid, but finally, they have the tests to prove it.

Good news for Capone as he will likely be heading home

A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday this week and the Abbatos will have to await the judge’s decision on the matter, but it sounds like 11-year-old Capone will be heading home.

Tracy said she can’t wait. She told Time that the whole battle has been very emotional, but she was thrilled to receive support from dog lovers all over the country and, in fact, all over the world.

Abbato, 31, was amazed at how many people reached out to them when they read Capone’s story. She said she knew people love dogs, but had no idea how many dog lovers were actually out there and who signed the family’s petition against the animal shelter. The Abbatos also had a GoFundMe page to help support their legal battle.