The sudden and unexpected accession of Donald Trump to the presidency has caused a lot of strange reactions, mainly from the stages of grief, anger, sorrow, denial, bargaining, and so on, all except for acceptance. Oprah Winfrey, the Goddess Empress of all media, has reacted by thinking, in effect, if him then why not me, according to the UK Daily Mail.

When Democrats start thinking about a celebrity to run for the presidency, Oprah’s name always comes up. She has universal name recognition and almost universal likeability. She has dabbled in politics, supporting Barack Obama on her show during the 2008 campaign cycle.

Before that she had been officially neutral in presidential politics, for instance having then Vice President Al Gore and then Texas Gov. George W. Bush on her show and treating them with, almost, equal respect. She has had some unkind things to say about Donald Trump.

The problem is that the rationale for a Winfrey presidency does not seem to be there. No one knows what her specific stands on the issues are. If she were to reveal them, she would risk her popularity which is part of her brand.

Trump did not just rise to the presidency based on his celebrity status. He achieved the Oval Office because he spoke to the great anger than many Americans harbored toward the political class. He was the man who was going to go to Washington and fix things and make the politicians and bureaucrats like it.

His tough guy, often rude persona simply fed into that message and made him even more popular with the electorate as the chattering class continued to swoon.

To be sure, Winfrey could try to run on a wave of anger against Trump. Enough of that emotion surely exists. The problem is, Oprah Winfrey does not do anger. Her persona is permeated with warmth and reassurance.

Those qualities are nice to have in any person. They are not the sort of characteristics that are useful when either dealing with Donald Trump in a rough and tumbled election or with ISIS and the Russians should she be elected.

Besides, the presidency for Oprah Winfrey would be a step down from where she is now. Best she let that particular cup pass from her lips.