When a political party gets hammered at the polls so thoroughly as have the Democrats, the inevitable answer has been to turn to a celebrity to run for president. The Democratic Party has such a thin bench thanks to being destroyed in down ballot races during the Obama years, it may not have much choice. Pajamas Media has tried to weigh in by offering a list of candidates. Oddly, not one is a businessperson in the model of Donald Trump. The possible saviors of the Democratic Party are LeBron James, Sandra Bullock, Jimmy Kimmel, Tom Hanks, and George Clooney.

LeBron would be an interesting choice in that no one from the sports world has ever run for the top job in the United States. Unlike some other sports stars he has not be caught up in any serious scandals, so we can put him down as a definite maybe.

We can eliminate Sandra Bullock right away. She is well liked by audiences and peers alike, but none of her movie roles project the sort of strength that one associates with the presidency.

Kimmel can also be ruled out. Humor is a good quality to have in a politician, but there is such a thing as being too funny.

Tom Hanks, as the article suggests, is such a nice guy that most people might think he’s a moderate Republican. He has also specialized in playing American heroes such as Jim Lovell in “Apollo 13” and everymen struggle against the odds like his character in “Castaway.” He has even proved to be the voice of reason concerning President Donald Trump.

But he is liberal through and through, having supported both Clintons and Barack Obama. His liberalism seems more cultural and emotional than based on evidence and logic, however.

george clooney’s main advantage is that he is drop dead gorgeous. And, unlike many Hollywood lefties, hasn’t said to many things too alarming in public.

From an image standpoint, Clooney would be formidable, though how he would last in the rough and tumble of a political campaign can be debated. One interesting fact, he would be the first president to have a vacation White House located in Tuscany.