The healthcare fiasco risks dividing the #Republican Party, and whilst the blame has fallen on White House chief of staff Reince Preibus's shoulders, Paul Ryan has also been seen as one who needs to take responsibility for the whole nightmare.

Trump and his Team now regret outsourcing so much of the healthcare bill's early drafting to #Ryan, and some insiders compared it to a developer spending big on a property without doing a proper inspection.

Team Trump, along with many other Republicans, was astonished by Ryan's inability to rule the politics of his legislative projects.

trump made a big effort to talk and negotiate with the far-right #Freedom Caucus, even though, as some murmured, his grasp of healthcare policy and legislation procedure was uneven.

Where the problem lies

Trump told The New York Times on Friday that the problem lay with the #Republicans, and specifically with the so-called civil war rocking the GOP.

There are “a lot of players, a lot of players with a very different mind-set,” Trump asserted. “You have liberals, even within the Republican Party. You have the conservative players.”

With talk of #Stephen Bannon and Trump drawing up an 'Enemies List', compiling those who fell out of line and didn’t cede the President's demands, it seems the issue is going to evolve and grow into a partisan fallout.