A 91-year-old woman has held the same job for 50 Years in Falls Church, Virginia. Officials and community members honored Janet Haines for having helped school children and pedestrians cross the street for half a century. She has worked the same route at Broad and Spring Streets the entire time. Needless to say, everyone knows her, and she knows the regulars she helped cross the street to safely.

The guard's routine

Each of the 180 days of the school year, Haines stands at the busy intersection two times a day in all kinds of weather. She greets everyone with a smile while helping them cross the street.

With Haines by their side, pedestrians feel safe. The school crossing guard had done it so long, people expect to see her at her post.

When Haines was hired in 1967, she was making only $3.10 an hour. Lyndon B. Johnson was president and nine other presidents have been in the White House during her tenure.

Celebrations and honors

On Wednesday morning, March 29 at 7:30 a.m., passengers honked their horns and drivers waved to Haines as they drove by. Those who were walking gave her congratulatory greetings. A police officer placed a corsage on her wrist. Haines, who will turn 92 years old in May, loves her job. She has no plans to retire. She said she will continue as the crossing guard indefinitely as long as she is well.

She lives on her own and still drives.

Haines’ supervisor, Corporal James Brooks of the Falls Church Police Department said she brings sunshine to angry motorists.

He added that she is the sweetest person you can imagine. If people were not in a good mood when they passed through the intersection, their attitude changed as they witnessed the warmth and gentleness of the crossing guard.

After her morning shift on Wednesday, the crossing guard was honored at nearby St. James Catholic School.

School administrators, students, local officials and members of the community congratulated her and hung a banner outside in her honor. It was one of the best days for the crossing guard. Even with the honors, she did her job just as she has done for 180 days a year for the last 50 years.