Donald and Vlad! What a pair. This is either the story of the year or trump's excellent means of ending the Cold War for real and forging amity between what were once the binary bosses of the globe. Paul Krugman is one of those New York Times writers #Trump would name, were he asked to say why the Times is failing. Trump would reach into his bag of bile and tag Krugman as a weak socialist economist or part of the effete left wing establishment. And maybe Trump will do just that if he reads Krugman's latest column, "The Silence of the Hacks" (Feb.

17). In it, Krugman does four big things. 1. He recaps the story so far: Flynn's admitted improper conversations with #Russia, the fact that Trump was informed about this early but did not respond until the press reported it weeks later. weeks later. 2. The flurry of rumors regarding Trump's contacts and dealings in and with Russia. 3. The massive silence of GOP voices in Congress, slowing momentum toward a serious and objective investigation to get at the truth. 4. The conclusion that the refusal of the GOP to OK a serious investigation is more serious than what Trump did or didn't do. It threatens our entire government and nation. Here is what Krugman had to say:

Trump avoids disclosure by making more news

Two days following publication of the Krugman piece, we have had Melbourne and that huge rally has pushed the narrative back toward sweetness and light, with a boost from Melania's recitation of The Lord's Prayer.

Such power to turn what seems like a huge Russia story into a dim memory is part of the Trump arsenal. Win by confusing the opposition. By changing the subject. But not so fast.

Trump has had to pay dearly to escape Russia and my bet is that he will not succeed in the long run. The Melbourne Rally did not compare in deflective power to Trump's blasting of the mainstream media.

This may have fed his base but it inflicted a wound that Trump will have a hard time binding up unless he repents in sackcloth and ashes. And if Trump is incapable of serious apology, repentance is out.

Another result of his press conference storm was an attack on the president by Shepard Smith of FOX, Smith took Trump to task for lying and refusing to give a straight answer regarding Russia.

We have yet to hear what FOX will do..

The real threat to Trump

There is a thin but powerful possibility that Trump's escape will fail not because Congress develops some backbone but in the same way his ill-conceived and unconstitutional Muslim ban has failed. The impulse to fight Trump began in a state. A suit passed through the courts. Many followed it. There are at least fifteen state attorney generals who may have an interest in claiming Trump is endangering national security by stonewalling on Russia.

Bear in mind Trump lives by attack. If whole states begin pursuing him he could end up attacking enough of his base to pare it down to those who shout loud but still have just one vote each.