The CEO of the National Rifle Association CEO, Wayne Lapierre, routinely appears at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with a strong "gun sales" message and 2017 was no different. For the past eight years, the message was clear and easy: Obama is coming for your guns, so you better stock up. It was an effective "sales pitch" and it worked. During that time period, from the day Barack Obama was elected President of the United States in 2008, gun sales have been through the roof for the gun industry which is, after all the entire point of the NRA.

The NRA used scare tactics and fear-mongering to incentivize American to more guns. After all, selling guns and ammunition is the number one job for the leading lobbyist for gun sales in America.

Wayne Lapierre warns members to buy more guns, even with Trump

Buy now and be safe later was the NRA message. However, with a friend in the White House in Donald Trump, that "scare" message that "Obama was coming for your guns" was no longer valid. In addition to a friend in the White House, the threat of any anti-NRA gun legislation even making to the floor of Congress is nearly non-existent. The Republican leadership in the House and Senate are in the pockets of the NRA and they would not even allow debate on the subject of so-called "gun control" legislation.

Mr. LaPieere was in rare form with his new "scare" message at CPAC. In a more complicated and nuanced message, he labeled the protesters as "leftist terrorists".'s blaring headline put it more bluntly: "The Left Wants to Kill You. So Buy Guns!" Mr. LaPierre said, “Folks, our long nightmare—it may not be over,” he told the attentive CPAC audience.

“The fact is it may just be the beginning." He warned that forces are gathering on the left that would be willing to do violence against them. Those forces, he hinted, are the liberals and progressives.

He mentioned the right's go-to person when slamming the left, Saul Alinsky. He even worked in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's famous doctrine of 'never letting a crisis go to waste.'

LaPierre warns against possible leftist violence

In continuing his crazy rant, Mr. LaPierre warned against flash mobs appearing in airports (lefty flash mobs of course) or some vague notion of a "freeway Facebook protest" bringing traffic to an abrupt halt. During the course of his rant before CPAC, Mr. LaPierre unloaded on the left, accusing demonstrators of being paid $1,500 a week to wreak havoc.

He earns $5,000,000 per year as the CEO of the NRA. In a continuing attack on the media, he lumped reporters and protesters in a group with "drug lords and terrorists."

He told the CPAC to make no mistake about it if the "violent left" brings this terrorism to your community or even into your home. He warned if they come, they will be met with firm resolve and strength and the full force of American freedom in the hands of the American people. The Wayne Lapierre message is not so clear this time and a bit fuzzy, but it goes something like this: "Buy your guns because even without Obama, the left is coming for you."