Quinnipiac University released another poll about President Donald Trump and whether American voters approve of his job performance. They do not. The Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday showed the worst polling for Trump since taking office, place his job performance approval at 38 percent, while 55 percent disapprove of his job performance.

The poll also revealed that American voters trust the "media" more than it trusts President Trump, disapproving the way he talks to the media by a wide margin of 61 – 35. The poll also shows the voters the media more than Trump by a margin of 52 – 37.

The pollster also found that 90 percent say it is “very important” or “somewhat important” the media hold elected and public officials accountable.

Trump approvals drop 4 points from 42 percent to 38 percent

A previous Feb. 7 Quinnipiac University national poll had Trump's approval at 42, showing a slip of 4 points. Trump's approval with women are worse, which shows him at 36 – 59, and with men higher at 41 – 50. The approvals are partisan with Republicans approve of him 83 – 10. Among Democrats, his negative approval ratings are 5 – 91. With independents 38 – 55 among independent voters.

Trump also fares worse in several categories polled by Quinnipiac.

Voters said he is not honest, does not have good leadership skills, does not care about the average American, he is not level-headed and that he does not share their values.

Trump 'sinks like a rock'

“President Donald Trump’s popularity is sinking like a rock,” said the assistant director of Quinnipiac, Tim Malloy.

He pointed out that Trump "gets slammed on honesty, empathy, level-headedness and the ability to unite." Malloy added, “This is a terrible survey one month in.”

Trump's Vice President, Mike Pence, received an "even" favorability rating, with 41 percent approving of his job performance and 40 percent disapproving of his job performance.

The Gallup Daily Tracking poll shows Trump at a 42 percent approval rating and last week a Pew Research Center poll had Trump at 39 percent.