President Donald Trump is considering many prospects to be named as his administration's new national security advisor. The new national security advisor will replace retired Gen. Michael Flynn, who was fired by Trump after the reveal of troubling connections between Flynn and Russia.

Flynn fired after contact with Russian ambassador

Only several weeks after taking the position of national security advisor in the Trump administration, several new outlets published reports concerning contact between Flynn and Sergey Kislyak, the ambassador from Russia to the United States.

Flynn, who at the time was not a public official, contacted the Russian official on the same day that the former Obama administration announced retaliatory action against Russia, following evidence that suggested Russian officials intervened on behalf of the Trump campaign in the 2016 Presidential Election. There has been an enormous amount of controversy regarding suspected connections between Trump and Russia, including Trump's statements on Vladimir Putin and connections between various officials.

Trump fired Flynn after the reveal of the communications between Flynn and Kislyak. Flynn's spokesperson had stated that Flynn could not recall the content of the communications between himself and the Russian ambassador.

Flynn previously served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama until his resignation in 2014. Flynn made several controversial statements during the 2016 presidential election while he was being considered by Trump as an appointee.

Bolton, Petraeus among those considered for role

Various officials have been considered to replace Flynn in the Trump administration.

One of the top potential choices, retired Admiral Robert Harward, has withdrawn himself for consideration. Harward stated concerns about his commitment to family, however reports have found Harward has concerns over the administration and about the presence of Steve Bannon on the National Security Council. Retired General and former CIA chief David Petraeus was reportedly under consideration, however Petraeus carries a lot of potential controversy as a nominee, having plead guilty to a charge of mishandling secure information in 2015.

One of the other potential nominees is John Bolton. Bolton served as ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush, and has drawn controversy over his hostility to the United Nations and his views on military action with the country of Iran.