After years of record drought, California is now getting more rain than she can handle. Southern California Storms on Friday unloaded 10 inches, and Saturday left tens of thousands without power and killed at least five people. The rain left its trail of destruction with flooded highways, downed power lines, and sinkholes. Santa Barbara county has seen more than seven inches of rain in two days, according to the National Weather Service. Parts of Ventura country had more than six inches. Northern California already soaked since January is expecting extra stress on levees, dams, rivers, creeks and streams.Residents are being advised to prepare for flooding and possible evacuations.

Officials continue to keep an eye on the Oroville Dam after last week's concerns.

Consequences of the storms

On Friday a 55-year-old man was electrocuted by a falling power line in Sherman Oaks, while in Victorville a person was found dead in a flooded vehicle. On Saturday, the Thousand Oaks Police Department recovered a body from the river gorge, and two more died in a car accident in San Diego due to road conditions. In the higher elevations the rain has brought heavy snow. Massive traffic delays, stuck vehicles in flooded areas, and people being trapped by fast moving water are just some of the problems caused by the storms. Sinkholes are other serious consequences. A 48-year-old woman ended up approximately 10 feet below the street is in fair condition at a hospital after being rescued with a ladder.

More storms are expected into next week

California residents are bracing for a new storm to hit Sunday, and it is expected to be bigger and more powerful than the others. Emergency officials are readying resources and coordinating with local officials in order to prepare for potential new mudslides and flooding with the new storm, according to Robb Mayberry, a spokesman with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. Although Sunday's storm is in the same system as Friday's, it will be much larger and more intense. Up to 10 inches can be expected and it is not expected to leave until Tuesday or Wednesday.