There is usually nothing more American than football. Super Bowl Sunday is a tradition enjoyed by many that look forward to getting together and cheering on their teams with friends and family…and there is usually a lot of beer consumed. This year, Trump supporters are calling for a boycott of budweiser beer, because of their Super Bowl halftime ad.

President Trump's immigrant ban causes controversy with Super Bowl fans

Many Trump supporters believe that the ad showing Busch coming to America and starting a successful business is a slap in the President's face so shortly after he imposed an immigration ban.

They believe Anheuser-Busch, (Budweiser’s parent company), is making a statement of non-support of our President, and to Americans in general.

Tobe Berkovitz, an advertising professor at Boston University, told the Boston Globe that he thought “Budweiser knew it was wading into a topical area,” but added that the commercial stuck to history and Busch’s roots. The commercial intended to show the success a hard-working immigrant can have in America, but Trump supporters saw it as an attack on Trump for his recent immigration ban.

Super Bowl commercials planned months in advance

An Anheuser-Busch executive, Marcel Marcondes, denied the anti-Trump immigration allegations, adding that the commercial had been planned months ago.

They have tried hard to brand Budweiser as an all-American beer, right along with football.

Budweiser has always been a staple among super bowl commercials. This year was its 42nd appearance. That hasn’t stopped Trump supporters from calling for a boycott of this popular brand of beer. Supporters have taken to social media asking others to stop drinking and purchasing Budweiser.

Pro-Trump supporters are calling for other boycotts of companies that they deem anti-Trump. Coca Cola, 84 Lumber, and even hair care commercials have caught their attention. Twitter feeds have been exploding with calls to boycott one company or another as Trump supporters view them as anti-Trump or anti-American messages.

It’s a 10 hair care company was much more direct.

Their message? “America, we're in for at least four years of awful hair." Trump supporters were livid with this message, calling It’s a 10 disrespectful to “our Prez.”