On Friday #The Washington Post fact checked Donald Trump's thunderous CPAC speech, and made a few clarifications on the President's claims.

Trump, riffing on the 'fake news' issue, claimed that a story had been published in the mainstream press that had anonymously quoted nine sources. He claimed that there weren't even nine people possibly associated with the issue. The Washington Post clarified that the nine sources were used to report on #Michael Flynn's conversations with Russia

The issue was the fact that Trump officials had asserted that nobody had discussed anything with #Russian officials, when it came to light that Michael Flynn had spoken to the Russian ambassador to the USA.

The Post report had started a storm in the White House leading to Flynn being fired. The article had cited nine current and former officials at multiple agencies at the time of the calls. And the Post claims that no official from the administration has doubted the accuracy of the report. So Trump was proved inaccurate on this issue.

Other things fact checked were #Middle East spending, Obamacare claims and him being endorsed politically by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is an impossibility since federal agencies can't endorse political candidates.