Former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz turned in a memorable performance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (Cpac) on Thursday, where he sat down with conservative radio personality and author Mark Levin and railed against the anti-Trump resistance movement, referring to Democratic voters as 'bat crap crazy.'

Democrats are living in an alternative universe, says Cruz

During his lively onstage discussion with Levin, Sen. Cruz accused Democrats of living in an alternative universe after Levin brought up the topic of impeachment, pointing out that impeachment proceedings begin in the House, which is presently controlled by the GOP.

Cruz said that Democrats are still in a stupor over the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Cruz also bashed Senate Democrats, accusing them of obstruction and 'filibustering absolutely everything'. He pointed out that not since the administration of George Washington has it taken so long to put a presidential cabinet in place, and Democratic lawmakers are embracing obstruction because they are under pressure from their base. "Which is bat crap crazy," added the Texas senator.

Cruz makes strange prediction

However, the most interesting statement made by Ted Cruz during his CPAC appearance was his prediction that there will be another Supreme Court vacancy over the summer.

President Trump's SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch, would fill the vacancy created by the death of conservative justice Antonin Scalia, but Trump's next Supreme Court pick just might end up replacing a left-leaning justice, thus giving Republicans a clear path to implementing their agenda.

"If that happens, as much as the left is crazy now, they'll go full Armageddon meltdown," Cruz stated.

Although Cruz refused to identify the liberal Supreme Court justice by name, conservative pundits have speculated for weeks that Justice Kennedy may be stepping down. Anthony Kennedy, 80, is a moderate with left-leaning tendencies. Liberal justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83 and liberal justice Stephen G. Breyer is 78.