The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Trump campaign aides had repeated contact with Russian intelligence leading up to the 2016 election, and even though the NYT report clearly states that U.S. intelligence officials "had seen no evidence of such cooperation" that would impact the outcome of the election, Michael Moore has taken to social media to issue numerous demands-- including Trump's resignation and a "do-over" of the 2016 election-- while citing the New York Times piece.

You can tell he's serious by the capital letters

On Tuesday evening, Moore posted a lengthy rant on Facebook, reading, in part: "It's what we all suspected.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on: TRUMP COLLUDING WITH THE RUSSIANS TO THROW THE ELECTION TO HIM. So this is what I want done NOW"-- he then goes on to list his demands.

His first 'demand' is for Democrats to bring Congress to a halt until impeachment charges are filed. "We demand that you halt all actions being taken by an illegitimately elected government until this matter is resolved," he wrote, perhaps oblivious to the fact that the very New York Times article he cited does not provide any evidence that Trump aides colluded with the Russians to sway the outcome of the election.

Moore's second 'demand' calls for Attorney General Sessions to immediately appoint a special prosecutor and launch an investigation.The liberal documentarian's third 'demand' simply reads: "So-Called President Trump could save the country a lot of time, money and pain by stepping down tonight."

The most ridiculous demand of all-- an entire do-over of the 2016 election

Finally, Moore 'demands' a do-over of the 2016 presidential election.

He says that the judicial system needs to find a way to make 'restitution,' but that Vice President Mike Pence can't be allowed to take over for President Trump. "If it turns out there's a traitor in the White House, the judicial branch must find a fair, peaceful way to un-do and then re-do the election of 2016," concluded Moore.