Several 'Not My President Day' demonstrations were held throughout the country on Monday. In Portland, thirteen arrests were made after anti-Trump protesters clashed with law enforcement. According to Portland's KATU-2, one woman was shot by police with a non-lethal projectile. Oregon Live reports that the police also utilized the "limited deployment" of pepper spray.

Protesters did not have permit

The protesters, some of them clad in ski masks and gas masks, gathered in front of the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building at around 11 a.m. Police arrived a short while later after learning that the group behind the demonstration, Don't Shoot PDX, did not have a permit to march.

Approximately 20 minutes later the protesters attempted to block traffic on SW 3rd Avenue, forcing law enforcement to take action. As police took several of the protesters into custody, the march proceeded toward Director Park to join up with another protest in progress. A confrontation between police and protesters erupted near the intersection of 6th and Salmon, resulting in more arrests. During the melee, one female protester was taken into custody after being shot by police with rubber bullets. Oregon Live reports that she had attempted to spit on the officer.

According to KATU-2, of the thirteen protesters arrested, seven were booked and processed at the Multnomah County Jail. Some of the arrested are reported to be juveniles.

Protest organizer claims she was attacked

One of the protest organizers, Teressa Raiford of the group Don't Shoot PDX, told reporters that she was 'attacked' by law enforcement. “I think they just tried to attack me at the Federal Building and they are attacking other people who are here,” said Raiford, adding that the protesters hadn't engaged in any illegal activity.

The ACLU has weighed in on the matter, describing the actions of Portland police as "shameful". The ACLU has also called upon the mayor to revise the city's crowd control strategies. Police, however, are defending their use of force.

KATU-2 obtained a statement from Kevin Hoar, a spokesperson for the Oregon Republican Party, who said that Oregonians are getting sick and tired of the constant violent demonstrations that have taken place ever since Trump's inauguration. Hoar's statement read, in part: "Even if the Alt Left and the Democrat Public Officials helping and supporting them never get tired of it, regular Oregonians are."