Sally Boynton Brown was on the fringes of the race to be the next Democratic National Committee chairperson. She may still be on those fringes, but her voice cut through the noise like a knife on Monday, making one of the more fascinating comments in recent political memory for the Democrats - "shut other white people down."

'Shut other white people down'

During a forum at George Washington University on Monday, Brown made her now famous comment. She went on in her statement to talk about white privilege and how she couldn't ignore it just because she was a Democrat - she had to fight against it on the public stage.

Attendees of the forum, trying to discern which candidate would make for the best dnc chairperson going forward, showed their support with a round of applause.

Brown had some ironic supporters to, who thought she was race baiting or being a reverse racist. Rush Limbaugh, a well-known conservative radio host, sarcastically came out as a supporter of Brown. Of course, Limbaugh only wants to see her chosen for the position so that she could become a lightning rod for a Democratic Party that is still recoiling after the election defeats they suffered.

DNC chairperson race

Brown, the Idaho Democratic Party executive director, was not the only candidate making waves on Monday night. Other candidates for the DNC job present included New Hampshire Party Chairman Ray Buckley, Pete Buttigieg (mayor of South Bend, Indiana), Minnesota representative Keith Ellison, media strategist Jehmu Greene, South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison, and Tom Perez, who was the Secretary of Labor under Barack Obama during his second term.

The winner of the race will shape the party at a critical juncture in its history, as protests break out around the country over the current Republican administration and Republican congress. The election for the top position in the DNC will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on February 25, 2017 - Brown hopes to walk away with the position, or at least a new sense of relevancy.