In recent years, one of the most controversial names to make the news has been Edward Snowden. After leaking classified information about the United States government, Snowden found asylum in Russia, but might soon find his way back to the United States if Donald Trump gets his way.

Snowden return

Edward Snowden once worked for the National Security Agency (NSA), starting in 2013, and was considered one of the brightest minds to work in the field. Later that year, Snowden copied classified information without consent from the NSA, and quickly fled to Hong Kong where he met with several journalists, including Glenn Greenwald.

Finally arriving in Russia, Snowden has avoided returning to the United States out of fear of unfair treatment. Snowden has been living in Moscow, Russia since June 2013, but his time in the Kremlin could soon come to an end. As reported by NBC News on February 10, the Russian government is considering sending Snowden back to the United States as part of a deal with President Donald Trump.

According to sources close to NBC News, "U.S. intelligence has collected information that Russia is considering turning over Edward Snowden as a 'gift' to President Donald Trump." Trump has been critical of Snowden, referring to the former NSA contractor as a "traitor," while also going as far as calling for his execution.

The source has reportedly "analyzed a series of highly sensitive intelligence reports," which detail Russia's plan to "handover" Snowden as a part of a "curry favor" to the new president.

A second source was also cited by NBC News, who went on to confirm the claims, stating that the details of the potential move have been taking place since Inauguration Day.

Edward Snowden's legal team have since commented on the report, but said that as of press time, there is "no reason for concern."

Moving forward

Edward Snowden has been a hot political topic over the years, which has transcended party lines. Former President Barack Obama was outspoken about Snowden, though he didn't use such inflammatory language that has been used by the billionaire real estate mogul.