Out of all the cabinet nominations made by Donald Trump, the most controversial has been Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary. As backlash continues, DeVos was off to a rough start during her first day on the job.

Betsy blocked

Betsy DeVos is a well-know wealthy donor to the Republican party, and has been active in fighting back against public schools in an attempt to change the system. DeVos is a supporter of private and charter schools, while also being a believer in Christian education, most notably her stance on creationism over the fact-based theory of evolution.

DeVos' confirmation in the Senate was the most contested, with Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, splitting from the Republican Party to vote against the new Secretary of Education. After Vice President Mike Pence was forced to be the deciding vote, DeVos was finally confirmed. As reported by a local ABC News affiliate in Washington, D.C. on February 10, DeVos is not getting off on the right foot.

As Betsy DeVos attempted to enter a public school in Washington, D.C., she was met by a growing group of protesters that are not happy with the recent confirmation.

"Shame! Shame!" the protesters screamed, with others shouting "Go back!" Other demonstrators focused on DeVos' donations to the Republican Party, which they believe was instrumental in her getting confirmed. "Keep giving money to Senate and buying your way into the position!," the protesters yelled.

Security was forced to surround Betsy DeVos, and help her into a vehicle.

As the car moved through the gate into the school parking lot, a protester stood in the front of the vehicle, holding an anti-DeVos sign, and was nearly hit in the process. The backlash against the new Education Secretary follows increased mockery on social media after DeVos sent a tweet asking were the pencils were located.

Moving forward

As has been routine for Donald Trump and nearly all of his administration, the backlash and outrage over Betsy DeVos is expected to continue. With only three weeks in the White House, the former host of "The Apprentice" is reportedly struggling in his new role as commander in chief, which appears to be rubbing off on some of his cabinet selections.