The Ronald Reagan Washington national airport was occupied on January 1st by a group of protesters shouting their disagreement regarding the immigration ban refusing both refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Protesters gathered in the airport to support refugees

Protesters gathered inside the airport at night in response to the recent executive order signed by Donald Trump. The group showed their support for the refugees, whose access to the United States was refused through various means. Signs were held and conveyed supportive messages such as "Refugees are welcome here," "united we stand," and "we are a nation of immigrants." Moreover, the airport became a lively place in which the pro-refugees protesters sang in unison the well-known song "We shall overcome" by Joan Baez, a song which delivered their message perfectly: a wish to overcome obstacles and "live in peace."

You can find below a video of the event:

Congressman Hank Johnson did not prevent himself from expressing his own opinion regarding this protest.

He told protesters that he would "continue to lead the fight against the President's Muslim and refugee ban." -- a declaration that was applauded by the opponents of the executive order.

The event was live on social media

For those who could not join the protest physically, they had the opportunity to follow the entire event on social media sites such as Facebook -- where the protest was live. Internet users could listen to the several speeches given that night in opposition of the immigration ban, and did not miss the opportunity to share their own opinion on the topic. But if users showed both contempt and respect on social media, it is worth noting that Obama declared in his first statement since leaving the position of President that he disagreed with the new President's actions, and thus, supported pro-refugee protests.

Unfortunately for them, new problems regarding immigrants and refugees are already brewing between the United States and Australia.