Fulfilling one of his most prominent promises during the 2016 presidential campaign, United States President Donald trump has signed executive orders which have suspended immigration and refugee entry from several countries in the Islamic world. The President's executive order brings to an end his first week in office, which has seen several executive actions undertaken by Trump, and a firestorm of controversy.

Trump issues ban on entry from several countries

Included in Trump's executive actions on immigration are a variety of new stipulations.

These include: the suspension of the entire US refugee program for 120 days, ending the refugee program from the country of Syria, banning entry for all migrants for ninety-days from the countries of Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Libya & Somalia, focusing on refugees who are "religious minorities" in their home countries, and an appeal to allow individual states the right to refuse entry to refugees.

This order has had immediate economic, political, and social effects. Civil rights leaders and most elected Democratic party officials have condemned the action and plan on challenging it legally. The countries of Turkey, Germany, and France have criticized the move, as well as the United Nations and other international organizations.

The country of Iran has responded by banning entry for US citizens.

Lives have been affected already by Trump's actions

Following the President's executive action, several incidents have already been reported of individuals affected by it. As early as Saturday morning, several people have been barred from entering airports or boarding their flights as a result of the new regulations.

The Department of Homeland Security stated that, regarding permanent residents of the US from the selected countries who hold green cards, it will decide on a case-by-case basis. This has left the decision-making in the hands of individual law enforcement officials. Individuals affected by this should not leave the country, according to Immigration lawyers.