The Salt and Ice Challenge is the next trending challenge circulating on the web. However, unlike harmless challenges such as the Disney Challenge, the Chubby Bunny Challenge, or the recent Mannequin Challenge, this new Internet craze reveals itself to be harmful for the skin.

The challenge's concept is quite simple but nonetheless harmful

Several videos started circulating on social media recently, in which individuals performed the Salt and Ice Challenge -- a simple daring game consisting of applying salt on one's body part before sticking an ice cube to the salted area.

The aim of the test is to see how long one can handle the pain. However, what seemed to be nothing but a silly challenge at first soon revealed itself to be quite harmful for the body.

Although not as popular as Trump's signature regarding executive orders or the crowning of Miss France as Miss Universe 2016, the Salt and Ice Challenge is not something to be disregarded. And there is cause for alarm; it turns out that mixing salt and ice together can lead to third-degree burns.

Unfortunately for the challengers, the anesthetic properties of ice may prevent them from noticing the harms they cause to their own body.

But this is not the first time people harm themselves through a similar trend. One noteworthy example is the Fire Challenge -- a challenge that dares you to set yourself on fire.

Parents have been warned against the dangers of this challenge

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, a British organisation aiming to protect children from abuse, warned parents on social media about the potential dangers challengers may be faced with and recommended them to make their children more aware about the dangerous consequences of attempting the challenge.

One case involved a young pupil from Swansea, Wales, who attempted the Salt and Ice Challenge -- which resulted in serious burns.

The emergence of trends on the Internet provided its share of good and bad challenges, and raising awareness regarding the craziest challenges may help many to avoid serious injuries.