A new poll conducted by Morning Consult reveals that "Saturday Night Live" viewers are tired of the show's relentless mocking of President Trump and his administration, suggesting that Alec Baldwin's impersonation of the president is as about as stale as a Cheetoh trapped behind a couch cushion.

Only 1 in 3 want more Trump impersonations

Although 33 percent of poll respondents admitted that they would like to see more Trump-bashing skits on SNL, 19 percent said that it was time for the joke writers to move on to something else, and 16 percent said that they have not enjoyed the show's political impersonations.

A large portion of respondents-- 31 percent-- did not have a strong opinion either way.

The poll suggests that, when it comes to lampooning Donald Trump, there just might not be much new ground left to break. Among adult respondents, 62 percent said they had already seen Baldwin's impersonation, with 74 percent of male Democrats saying they've seen it and 76 percent of all Hillary Clinton voters saying they've seen it.

Among respondents who said they'd like to see more Trump jokes, 57 percent voted for Hillary Clinton. Not surprisingly, Trump voters comprised the largest group of viewers who don't find the impersonations funny, with 33 percent expressing that opinion.

Female Republicans are not amused

Republican women are most likely to find the impersonations distasteful or offensive. According to the poll, 31 percent of Republican females said "I have not enjoyed the impersonations of the members of President Trump's administration." Only 29 percent of Republican males said the same.

From a religious perspective, those most likely to find humor in the political skits are Jewish viewers, with 42 percent saying they want to see more.

Protestant viewers were most likely to hold the opposite opinion, with 23 percent saying they want to see less.

Overall, the poll doesn't reveal any notable surprises. If you're an urban male Democratic millenial with a college degree, you probably can't get enough Trump bashing-- and if you're a retired female Republican from rural America, you probably can't change the channel fast enough.