It’s no secret that many people were, and still are, upset about Donald Trump winning the election. Some college students were so distraught that academic tests were postponed on election day. Protests have broken out and long-time friends are no longer speaking. We are a nation divided, but some veterans believe that deeming these people to be suffering from “Post-election stress disorder” is taking it to far and they are offended by the term that closely relates to PTSD.

Democrats claim major stress because of Trump

Democrats and even some Republicans are claiming to suffer from major stress and anxiety because they fear what the Trump administration will do to the world with their new policies.

They complain of headaches, depression and severe anxiety along with an extreme fear for their life and welfare. They believe the new POTUS will eventually destroy the peace and happiness of the entire world.

According to Psychology Today, preliminary data seems to suggest that this notion of PESD is real and is "a thing." People are stressed out over what they believe will be the downfall of America, now that Trump is sitting in the oval office. Extreme stress can lead to many mental and health issues, so several mental health officials have begun to use the term PESD to describe those who appear to be overly stressed due to politics.

Veterans don’t agree with this term

The term PESD closely resembles PTSD, which describes post-traumatic stress syndrome.

A lot of vets who have served in wars have been diagnosed with PTSD upon their return from overseas. Many of them have faced horrors that are unimaginable to someone who hasn’t been in their combat boots. These brave soldiers have come home broke, both in mind and body.

These men, many who have lost limbs while serving their country, are taking offense to this newly coined term.

Brian Mast is a US Rep from Florida. He was also in the Army and stationed in Afghanistan. He was injured in a device explosion that caused him to lose a finger and both of his legs. Mast spoke with “Fox and Friends” and told them just what he thought of the term PESD. “I would have preferred they name it 'Post-Inauguration Stress Disorder,' that way they could have called it 'PISD.” He told them.

Veterans feel there is no comparison to what they have been through fighting a war and to be upset or anxious over losing an election. Mast says he does feel empathy for those who are so upset about Trump being president, but there should be no comparison to what service men have went through. Just the term, PESD, suggest that it is akin to and comparable to PTSD and vets say that is not true.