Donald Trump did the unthinkable as he sat in the president's chair. What was thought off as mere rhetoric for the election has turned out to be a reality? In one of his first acts, the president signed an executive order barring Muslims from 7 nations from traveling to the USA. It's a bewildering order and looks like an attempt to please his constituency.

Many Americans are happy as they are not aware that this ban in real terms is meaningless. There is a lot of opposition as well. Donald says the ban on travel and entry to the USA is to save the American people from the ravages of radical Islamists.

Unfortunately, reading between the lines shows this order is just a sop to his voters. None of the 7 nations named have had any connection with any terror activity in the USA. This is the harsh fact. Another point to mull over is that the nationals of nations that were involved in terror activity against the USA like Saudi Arabia and Egypt don't figure in the ban.

The ban

There is international outrage at the travel ban. Russia and China are the only 2 nations who have not commented on the ban. The Muslim allies of the USA fighting shoulder to shoulder against the ISIS like in Iraq must be wondering how they are singled out. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers are fighting the ISIS and including them and leaving out nations that have a link to nationals who committed terror acts against the USA must be bewildering to them.

Why did Donald for all the macho image he wants to project not include these countries?

Business interests

The sad part is that Donald has a substantial business interest in these countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE and as he has business interests he has omitted these nations. Saudi Arabia is an enigma as it is an ally of the USA and perhaps Donald did not want to touch it as it would have ruffled the feathers and with all the oil coming in from there he thought it better to leave out the foremost sponsor of Islamic fundamentalism.

Last word

Donald's executive order is just an attempt to show his supporters that he means business. He has forgotten there is palpable anger against America in the Muslim world and just for this reasons has made it unsafe for Americans to travel to many parts of the world. Donald must remember that men who ride the tiger have the chance of being eaten by the beast.