Kenyans on twitters (KOT) took their war to the doorsteps of Kenyan State House attacking President uhuru kenyatta following a viral photo in which the president was dabbing with FBI dance crew. A local dance crew had paid the president a courtesy call to shoot a dance video aimed at sensitizing the youth to come out in their numbers and register as voters in the ongoing mass voter registration .


#KOT registered frustrations over what they termed as president making merry at a time when the country was in chaos.

Doctors and lectures are currently on strike demanding for better pay and working conditions.

The doctors strike has now lasted for over two months and the government and the doctors are yet to strike a deal. Patients in public hospitals are suffering with no one to attend to them.

Media reports have also indicated that a number of patients have lost their lives due to the ongoing doctors’ strike.

Lectures from public universities have also downed their tools making studies in those universities to come to a holt.

Mixed reactions

The tweeps were however divided between those who saw the president's move as being “cool” and those who saw the president as giving precedence to things that didn't matter at a time when a country was in chaos .


Kenyatta’s government has been hard hit by mega corruption scandals with some cabinet secretaries being forced to step aside to allow investigations to commence.

High profile government officials have been blamed too diverting public funds to their personal projects.

There has been cases of tenders being paid for goods or services not delivered or rendered. The most recent scandal was in the ministry of health where it is claimed that Ksh.5bn was misappropriated.

The scandal was revealed by Bernard Muchere who was an auditor at the ministry of health but has so far been transferred to the National Treasury.

A move that has been termed by the opposition as a cover up of the scam.

Nurses and Doctors went on strike a few days after the scandal was revealed pushing for the implementation of a CBA they signed with the government in 2013