For over a month now, most Kenyans have suffered losses of lives due to the doctors strike. The doctors have however vowed not to recommence work even as the strike enters its 2nd month. They seem to be inhumane by ignoring patients who are in critical conditions in hospitals countrywide.

It has been reported that most patients have reverted to private sanatoriums in search of medication. Families have ended up borrowing money from banks and other investment groups in order to pay their bills in the private hospitals, as cancer patients get exposed to the highest life risk.

Families have been compelled to take their patients home for the specialized home care.

Initially, the doctors were given an offer that will cost an additional Sh. 4 billion every year. According to the government, the amount is ample considering it is in line with the labor market. However, the doctors rejected the deal, saying that the amount is too little as compared to their role in the nation’s health sector.

False Assurance

As a doctor or an aspiring doctor, this is probably a turning point. A few months ago, the teachers were there. They were agitated when they were ensnared to resume work after being given some percentage of augmentation. But where are they now? They are still dancing to the same tune.

The equivalent could be the song with the doctors.

In fact, when the deal is too good, you better think twice. The figures demanded by the doctors may not be an issue. The problem is, the money may not benefit the doctors themselves, but it will end up vanishing in the pockets of the cartels and other parties.

The reality is that the doctors are over-trusting the unions which advise them to partake in strikes.

They are digging their own graves while the cartels are watching. For instance, most doctors from different counties did not receive their emolument for December. Until now, no one has publicly come out to support them in demanding for their salaries. Instead, the inciters are busy editing their manifestos.

Plan B

If plan A fails, you better try plan B.

This is a simple counsel to the doctors. It is time they formulated better methods of demanding for the pay rise. The government on the other hand should stick to his word. Sourcing doctors from other countries such as India and sacking the striking doctors isn’t a solution. Equally, taking to the roads is just but a waste of time. Instead, the doctors both from the public and private sectors should conjoin and come out with a lasting solution. Otherwise, we are just watching corruption and politics taking root as we are blindfolded.