While Donald Trump has often dominated the news cycle, members of his administration have also had their time in the spotlight. Presidential Kellyanne Conway appears to be following in the president's footsteps by lashing out at the media, both on Twitter and during interviews.

Conway on Twitter

Over the last two weeks, former Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has found herself in several controversial situations. Conway first caught heat for using the term "alternative facts" to describe the falsehoods coming out of the White House.

Just days later, Conway then cited the nonexistent "Bowling Green Massacre" during an attempt to defend Trump over his "Muslim ban" executive order. While pushing back at her critics, Conway has used her Twitter account to voice her frustrations, which were on display during a social media rant on February 9.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday morning, Democratic Sen. Barbara Mukulski commented on recent remarks made by Hillary Clinton. In response, Mukilski stated, "Once you're a woman in the Senate, you have to square your shoulders, put your lipstick on and fight on!" Kellyanne Conway was not happy with what was said, and vented on Twitter to express her thoughts.

"Lipstick? Had no idea this is the key to female empowerment and leadership," Conway tweeted, before adding, "Imagine if a @GOP had said this."

Conway on Spicer

Recent reports have claimed that Donald Trump is not happy with the job being done by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, which could lead to a change in the administration.

During an appearance on Thursday morning's "Fox and Friends," Kellyanne Conway dismissed those reports, while labeling them "false." "He's got the full faith and confidence of the president, these reports are completely false," Conway said, while adding, "I've talked to the president. I've talked to Sean Spicer, and they are just false."

Next up

The former host of "The Apprentice" and his team have only increased their presence on social media as they continue to feud with the mainstream press. While it's unknown if the relationship between both sides will improve, it doesn't appear on the right track as of press time.