Ever since Election Day, Donald Trump and his administration have amped up their attacks against what they consider "the opposition." After Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway cited a nonexistent terrorist attack to back up the need for a "Muslim ban," former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton decided to speak out.

Conway and Chelsea

The first two weeks of Donald Trump's time in the White House has presented a lot of controversy, but none more than the executive order that critics have labeled a "Muslin ban." The order restricts travel to and from seven different Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, while impacting those who are already in the United States.

This issue was a hot topic during a Wednesday night interview on MSNBC where Kellyanne Conway claimed that Islamic terrorists took part in the "bowling green massacre." Conway has since walked back her remarks, claiming she "misspoke" and that she was referring to two men from Bowling Green who engaged in terror activities in the Middle East. After Chelsea Clinton gave her thoughts, Conway fired back with a February 3 Twitter post.

"Very grateful no one seriously hurt in the Louvre attack," Chelsea Clinton wrote on Twitter on Friday morning, eluding to the recent attempt of an Islamic terror attack in Paris.

Continuing, Clinton added, "or the (completely fake) Bowling Green Massacre. Please don't make up attacks." In response, Kellyanne Conway hit back at Clinton, while citing the infamous story embellished by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"Bosnia lie a Great reminder.

And 2 @ChelseaClinton & others, you can't "invent" quality candidates either. I misspoke; you lost the election," Kellyanne Conway tweeted. Conway's reference to the "Bosnia lie" was when Hillary Clinton claimed that she, along with Chelsea, were under sniper fire in 1996 during a trip to Bosnia. The story was highlighted during the 2008 election cycle, which debunked Clinton's claims, and exposed that the incident never took place.

The former Democratic presidential nominee then walked back her comments, saying she "misspoke."

Chaos for Conway

In addition to her comments about Clinton, the former Donald Trump campaign manager has spent a considerable amount of time defending herself from trolls on social media. While linking to an article by ABC News claiming to back up part of her story, Conway added a message for her critics. "Yep. Everyone should read the ABC News article. On my twitter feed," she wrote, while noting, "Instead of creating memes & phony outrage. It's a dangerous world."