One of President Trump's campaign promises was to secure our border with Mexico to prevent illegal immigration and to temporarily stop the travel to the U.S. of citizens from seven countries that are majority-Muslim. The president's executive order regarding immigration has ignited a grassroots Strike and boycott from the immigrant population. The day of protests comes after the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests last week across the country of over 680 people. ICE stated that they only arrested those with criminal convictions.

Businesses closed their doors as part of the protest.

Many immigrants feel that the Trump administration's policies target them. So they took their cause to the streets in their immigrant neighborhoods and on social media. They called for a boycott across the country and businesses responded by closing their doors for the day in support. Both naturalized and undocumented immigrants participated in the protest.

Restaurants were hardest hit.

Restaurants were the businesses which suffered the most. The highest levels of government were not immune to the strike. Even the Pentagon was affected as it had to inform their employees that favorite eating spots Sbarro’s, Starbucks and Taco Bell were closed due to the strike.

Restaurants across the country remained closed, with some celebrity chefs closing to show their support. In the restaurants that remained open, longer lines could be expected.

Not everyone agrees with the strike.

Even though the strike and boycott had a lot of supporters, everyone is not in agreement. Many feel that supporting undocumented immigrants is wrong.

While no one questions the importance of immigrants, it is generally felt that those entering the country to stay on a permanent basis, should do so legally. Instead, it seems the undocumented aka illegal immigrants are out to prove that they are vital to the U.S. economy and, therefore, should be allowed to remain. This reasoning is what rubs American citizens the wrong way.