President Donald Trump highlighted his future plans for the United States within his inaugural address.

What were the initial highlights of the inaugural address?

In his speech, Trump said that the American people are now all combined within the effort to “rebuild our country and restore its promise,” and will strive for that goal within every four years. In addition, Trump assured that Americans will overcome hardships and challenges in the years to come. Trump notably thanked former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during his speech, particularly highlighting their aid during the transition to him assuming office.

Reminiscent of his campaign promises, Trump also highlighted the fact that the American people have endured the cost of government’s manipulations, especially that the “establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country,” particularly struggling families. Trump’s speech has brought out comparisons with former Republican President, Ronald Reagan, particularly in the concept that government can act more like the problem than the solution, and both echoing the promise to help the people who feel disenfranchised by the government during this new administration.

What were some of the issues that Trump focused on?

Trump also touched on the struggles many American citizens have gone through, such as a lack of proper employment opportunities, education, or safe neighborhoods, and said that it was justified and reasonable for the people to want to escape such trials.

With the promise to emphasize the need to buy American products and hire American workers in the upcoming years, Trump also focused on the goal of bringing back American jobs and wealth.

While promising to ultimately seek goodwill with the foreign nations of the world, Trump did demand a greater hold in the fight against global terrorism.

For many, this led to comparisons with promises made by the Bush administration. He also spoke of the need for American patriotism, but that there is no need of “prejudice.”

Trump also alluded to scripture within his speech, particularly Psalm 133, in a passage emphasizing the importance of American unity. Emphasizing religious sympathies, he also alluded to the nation being protected by God and an Almighty Creator. Ultimately, he ended with the blessing, “God Bless America.”

Where can I see the inaugural address?

A full video showcasing the address can be seen below: