The Washington Times reported that hundreds of scientists had written a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to withdraw from the United Nations climate change agency. The group of scientists, including atmospheric scientists, meteorologists, physicists, professors and others, conclude that efforts to stem the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will have little or no benefit to the environment but will have a devastating effect on worldwide poverty. The fact that so many scientists are urging something contrary to the climate change dogma should cause people to take notice.

One of the great lies to come out of the Obama presidency, along with if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor and Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video, is the one that states 97 percent of the scientific community agree that climate change is real and that the nations of the world must take drastic action to curb the phenomenon. It is a lie that has been as often repeated as it has been debunked. The narrative sets up the convenient untruth that the climate change controversy is an argument pitting a handful of “deniers” like President Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz and the full might and majesty of scientific consensus.

Now comes a group of eminent scientists who do not agree with the media-generated “consensus” urging the president to scrap the Paris Climate Change Accords that mandates targets for reductions in Carbon Emissions.

The agreement is nonbinding because President Obama, a man who was the living personification of the “imperial presidency” never submitted the agreement to the Senate for approval as a formal treaty.

President Trump is likely to greet the letter from the scientists with some favor. He already has promised to withdraw from the agreement, and his energy policies have already proven to be more fossil fuel friendly, approving drilling as well as the Keystone XL and Dakota access pipelines.

In the wake of the letter from the hundreds of scientists, climate change proponents now have to ask themselves, who are the science deniers anyway? It looks like the answer is not as obvious as we have been led to believe.