According to a new report from the folks, there's a ton of new scandals, literally coming out everyday in reference to Trump and his administration! This latest one, reports that his national security advisor, Mike Flynn, recently resigned after tons of stories came out, claiming that he lied to various members of the administration about discussions he participated in with the Russian ambassador.

More investigation demands

Apparently, there are reports out from the New York Times news team, revealing that Trump's 2016 campaign and other associates of his team, engaged in numerous conversations with senior Russian intelligence officials the year before the election took place.

This, of course, re-sparked the news about the Russians interfering in the 2016 election voting process. The Democrats are now trying to get further investigations into that situation, relaunched.

Twitter postings

In reaction to the Flynn scandal, Trump got on Twitter to ask the question: why are there so many illegal leaks? Many believe that this is just a deflection tactic to take focus off the content of the leaks, which is Flynn's discussions with the Russians. It's reported that the rest of the Republican party is now following Trump's lead, and trying to figure out how the leaks are occurring. They went on to say that there are claims that Barak Obama's camp may have been involved in some of the leaking in an effort to undermine Trump's administration.

It's believed that Trump will have little to no success in stopping these leaks, because he would need a very well-organized and highly loyal administration for that to take place. It's reported that he has been very slow to appoint his own people to key spots and that his administration is very chaotic and confusing at the moment, which has led to the high likelihood of leaks being allowed to get out there.

Donald's disgusted with the news

In other news, the Deadline news team is reporting that Trump is now firing insult shots at large media outlets like: MSNBC and CNN, calling them unwatchable for simply reporting about these leaks that have come out. He even said, the "New York Times" and the "Washington Post" are failing! Stay tuned.