Since taking the oath of office and being sworn in as the new president, Donald Trump has been under constant criticism for his executive orders, cabinet nominations, and other decisions he's made in the White House. His "Muslim ban" executive order has received the most backlash, which the president is willing to fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

Trump on Muslim ban

Heading into his first weekend as commander in chief, Donald Trump signed the aforementioned executive order. Within hours, airport officials began taking detainees who were from the seven Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East that were on the ban list.

Once the news broke, protests broke out across the country, most notably outside Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Since then, a federal judge blocked the order in question, which has led to the White House filing an appeal. As seen on MSNBC on February 7, Trump is willing to take the fight to the highest court in the land.

Following his meeting with a group of sheriffs, Donald Trump spoke to reporters an elaborated on the future of his executive order. "We're going to take it through the system," Trump said, before noting, "It's very important for the country." "Regardless of me, or whoever succeeds at a later date, we have to have security in our country," he continued.

"Remember, ISIS said 'we are going to infiltrate the United States and other countries through the migration,' Trump said, before asking, "And we're not allowed to be tough? Explain that one." "We'll see what happens, we are well represented," he noted.

SCOTUS hearing?

When asked whether or not he would take the issue to the Supreme Court of the United States, the former host of "The Apprentice" confirmed that it was a possibility.

"It could, we'll see," Donald Trump stated. "It's commonsense. Somethings are law, and I'm all in favor of that," the president noted. "Somethings are commonsense. This is commonsense," he concluded.

If the case makes it to the Supreme Court at a later date, it could come done to whether or not Trump's SCOTUS nominee is confirmed. Just last week, the billionaire real estate mogul nominated right-wing Justice Neil Gorsuch, who is likely to be confirmed by a Republican-controlled Congress.