The presidency of Donald Trump is but a month old, but already some people in the Democratic Party have already started to think about how to get rid of him long before election 2020. Indeed, they have been dreaming of that even before Trump was sworn into office. The impeachment talk has gotten people in the Democratic leadership, such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer worried, according to Politico. The idea is, at best, premature and at worst madness.

Because of Trump’s unexpected victory during last year’s election and his outsized personality, the derangement syndrome that usually accompanies the election of a Republican president has been amped up to an unprecedented degree.

People may have groused about George W. Bush had been “selected not elected” or hated his father George H. W. Bush and had contempt for Ronald Reagan, but no one dreamed of seriously getting rid of them. A large number of liberals dream of sending Trump packing.

Responsible people like Pelosi and Schumer (and it is so incredible to use that adjective for those people) know that such talk only feed’s the president’s image of a man who is beleaguered by the elites. The rally in Florida and polling data suggest that Trump enjoys lots of popularity and good will among the people who elected him. Any attempt to impeach him would spark a revolt that would make the Tea Party uprising seem like a mild complaint by comparison.

Besides, Republicans still control both Houses of Congress and therefore are unlikely to entertain any attempt at impeachment. And, of course, Trump has not actually committed any crime that would merit such proceedings. Manchurian Candidate ravings about Trump being an agent of Vladimir Putin do not count.

Democratic leaders do not know much about good policy, and they apparently do not know how to act toward the new president, as noting their opposition to everything he does.

But they do know that no short cuts exist where it comes to diminishing and eventually eliminating Trump’s power. They have to win elections. Going the impeachment route would backfire in that regard.