As if his attitude towards different topics were not controversial enough, Donald Trump may fulfill his campaign promises to withdraw from the UN climate treaty, compromising U.S. involvement in curbing CO2 emissions. This seems on the fringe of happening after a letter from a group of Climate Change Skeptics, led by scientist Richard Lindzen, was sent on Thursday to President Trump’s administration.

The other side of the scientific coin

The letter stated that climate change is not scientifically proven and that carbon dioxide’s greenhouse effect is exaggerated.

These skeptics argue that carbon dioxide is actually beneficial as it improves food crops. While skeptics differ among themselves about their dispute with climate science, Lindzen noted that carbon dioxide is not as toxic to the atmosphere as it is believed. Also, the letter stated that the climate debate is more of a political debate rather than a scientific one. Lindzen believes the discussions are about who will control the natural energy resources and assets. Overall, they agree with all the efforts and contribution to control environmental pollutants, but they don’t see carbon dioxide as one of them.

Historical climate change accord originally signed in 1992

In 1992, 150 countries, including the United States, signed an international treaty called the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change that required the signed countries to adopt certain regulations regarding the environment, especially regarding the apparent change in the worldwide climate.

In 2015, nations gathered again to sign and reaffirm the Paris agreement and to reduce gas emissions. They agreed to take steps towards clean energy and to take measures to give humanity cleaner air to breathe.

President Trump, being a climate change denier, had already been planning to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement way back since his presidential run.

He stated that he wants to revitalize the United States’ oil and coal production by decreasing regulations and restrictions. Thereby, opening up more jobs.

Fortunately, the agreement states that countries that signed the agreement can’t rebuke it before four years have gone by, which would be about 2019. However, Trump’s actions may jeopardize the agreement as it may encourage other countries to follow in the steps of the United States.

It also leaves a huge gap of environmentally friendly nations that allows China to step into as a leader.

In the long run, this will not endanger us only, but our coming generations who will suffer and possibly perish from this administration’s short-sightedness. This poses an imminent danger to the whole globe as climate change is real according to the majority of researchers.