Trump’s inauguration day is almost here and many Americans are protecting themselves against his conservative, pro-life belief before he is able to use his power to take away women’s right to abortion. Planned Parenthood has reported that they have recently received a dramatic increase in IUD requests because of Trump’s plan to defund the organization, along with Obamacare when he officially becomes president.

Birth control

An IUD, intrauterine device, is a form of birth control. There are different types, and the most effective kind can protect against pregnancies for up to 10 years.

As Trump’s inauguration date nears, women are taking advantage of the advanced technology the IUD offers, understanding that if they are pro-active now, then the repeal would not affect them if Trump is president for two terms. President-elect Donald Trump gave Planned Parenthood, which is currently a federally funded non-profit that has instituted 650 health centers across America and has helped over 2 million Americans, props for being a big help in several communities, while campaigning for the presidency, then he expressed his disapproval of aborting. Additionally, the Hyde Amendment doesn’t permit the government to fund abortions, and Planned Parenthood uses most of its federal funds on medical testing.

Republican Party heads Congress

To complicate things, two Republican Senators, who happen to be women, will likely influence major decisions, and don’t exactly support taking away the organization’s funding. Maine Senator Susan Collins and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski have decided not to vote in favor of the repeal because it includes Planned Parenthood.

With another male senator opposing the idea, there is a chance the repeal won’t be successful, since the Senate Republicans will need fifty out of fifty-two ‘yes’ votes to make the healthcare coverage bill ineffective. President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Cecile Richards, has announced that the organization will be taking measures to satisfy women needing their services.

Richards said in a statement that its supporters will make the new administration aware of their plan to fight against their decision. She says that the organization will utilize other methods and resources to maintain. As a result, a Rolling Stone article has reported that Planned Parenthood will be holding a benefit concert the night before Trump’s inauguration. Rap artist Common and rock band The National are set to perform in support of women’s rights to reproductive health and abortion. The event was organized after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made the repeal plan official, saying that the GOP will definitely act on voiding the healthcare bill many Americans are benefiting from.

According to The Washington Post, however, Trump recently shared in an interview that he is planning to replace ObamaCare, and make an effort to make insurance accessible to all Americans.