In the midst of the pearl clutching, finger pointing, virtue signaling, and mass hysteria surrounding President Donald Trump's temporary immigration ban, the New York Times reports that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has signaled a slight adjustment in the executive order. People with green cards that allow them to legally live and work in the United States will no longer be barred from entering the United States during the three-month reevaluation period. However, some may be subject to extra scrutiny.

By making the adjustment, the Trump administration sought to stanch a self-inflicted wound that caused several long-term residents of the United States to abruptly find themselves prevented from reentering the country where they had made their home.

The extra vetting makes sense in that some previous perpetrators of terrorist outrages in the United States, such as Syed Rizwan Farook, became radicalized after visits to Muslim countries and return to commit acts of mayhem and murder in the name of jihad.

Even so, the hysteria surrounding the temporary ban has continued unabated. With protestors clogging airports and burning up social media with references to the Nazi Holocaust and demands that President Trump be impeached and that the borders of the United States should be thrown open to whoever wishes to come, Politicians in both the United States and abroad are making statements of varying degrees of coherence. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed that he saw the Status of Liberty crying.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared that his country would welcome any and all refugees. SpaceX CEO and Trump ally Elon Musk tweeted, mildly and reasonably, “The blanket entry ban on citizens from certain primarily Muslim countries is not the best way to address the country’s challenges.”

It should be noted that President Obama enacted a similar temporary ban on refugees from Iraq in 2011 citing increased terrorism concerns without a lot of the drama that is occurring over the Trump order.

Indeed, the former president imposed a permanent ban on refugees from Communist Cuba in what many considered a slap in the face to victims of the Castro regime and a middle finger extended to Florida’s Cuban community for supporting Donald Trump. Thus we have hysteria marinated with hypocrisy on an epic scale.